Saturday, August 18, 2012

Gardening Our Way Out of Hunger

By Hank Bruce
(Bread for the World member, Rio Rancho, N.M.)

A good friend of ours, Yvonne Scott, has just released a powerful little book about one of the key sustainable solutions to global hunger.

We strongly endorse this book, entitled,  simply garden small! End hunger, restore health with creative micronutrient-rich food-growing strategies from around the world,and encourage you to invest $0.99 in a well written book on thinking small and family gardening with little or no cost. 

This is what Yvonne, a former New Mexico resident, has to say about her brand new book.
Growing food has been part of my life almost since I could walk. Because of my gardens, and those of my grandparents, we never hungered even during times of little or no income. A burning question for me has always been: how can we allow our sisters and brothers to hunger in a world of plenty and why are our 'best efforts' to deal with hunger through food banks and humanitarian aid, NOT WORKING?

Those questions inspired my search for less complex and far less costly ways to get nutrient-rich foods growing quickly--and more conveniently--for those who need it most. And these little garden ideas from all around the world do exactly that! My hope is for this small manual to become another tool in the toolbox we use to dismantle hunger, rebuild hope and nurture empowerment.  
The book is available on Kindle via for the introductory price of 99 cents.  Click here to purchase the book. No Kindle? No problem. Here's the link to the Kindle free reading app. for computer, iphone or ipad.

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