Sunday, August 05, 2012

A Great Article about ArtStreet in Albuquerque Journal

The Arts Section of this Sunday's edition of The Albuquerque Journal contained a great article about Art Street, a project sponsored by Health Care for the Homeless.  Here is an excerpt:
With a glue tube and a pair of scissors, Kimberly Gallegos is putting together a collage of images from magazines.

Next to her at a long table, Gallegos’ 13-year-old son, Ryan Davis, is applying color to a dark green-black abstract painting.

Gallegos and Ryan are among some 50 artists in this bright, airy room making an array of art – paintings, pottery, beadwork, sketches, masks and more. From time to time many take breaks to chat with others on their developing art projects.
This buzz of activity is at the twice-weekly Open Art Studio of ArtStreet, a program of Albuquerque Health Care for the Homeless at First and Mountain NW.
Gallegos has been making art at ArtStreet for seven years.
“I had been homeless for three years,” she said. “ArtStreet is open to anyone regardless of their ‘homing’ status.”
Read full article Creative Refuge in Albuquerque Journal  (subscription required to see full article)

Open House on Wednesday

Works from Art Street artists
Albuquerque Health Care for the Homeless is celebrating Health Care for the Homeless Day with an open house on Wednesday, Aug. 8. It is at 1217 First NW (at Mountain).

These are the open house events:

1 p.m. Visit “Value Stations.” These stations are information tables that describe the values through which the organization’s mission statement is carried out. The values include housing and health care. There will be a table of art for sale made by ArtStreet artists. Mini tours of the facility’s programs will be offered.

2:45 p.m. Open Mike. Clients, staff, donors, neighbors, city officials are welcome to share their thoughts about Health Care for the Homeless, homelessness and related subjects.

3 p.m. Ice cream social.

For more information visit the Health Care for the Homeless Web site or email

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KRush said...

This is wonderful. These people are lifting up other people who are down on their luck. Through art, they are bringing beauty and joy into their lives. If every community did this, think what this country could become. No one can feel anger or prejudice or hatred when they are creating beautiful art. It soothes the soul. It lifts people up. I look forward to seeing more of ArtStreet's beautiful creations.