Friday, June 01, 2012

Where Can a Child in New Mexico Go to Find a Meal During the Summer?

Food insecurity is a real problem for many families in New Mexico during the summer, especially the rural areas. The children are done with the school year, so they have no school lunch or breakfast. New Mexico Appleseed has put together a short video about the problem, and how the situation can be addressed through a USDA program. 

"Too many New Mexican children struggle with hunger, with nearly 30% of New Mexican families with children facing hardship in buying food that they need.," said a report published by New Mexico Applessed. "Hunger rises in the summer as children lose access to school meals. Hungry children cannot maintain the strong and healthy bodies and minds they need to return to school ready to learn. Hungry children have behavior problems and cannot get the most out of summer programming."

According to the organization, what is needed now are sites to serve as meal sites during the summer. "Schools, nonprofits (including religious organizations) and units of local government can all help to end child hunger during the summer by serving Summer Food. The federal Summer Food programs provide substantial reimbursement to ensure organizations have the funds they need to limit the impact of child hunger on their communities." 
The report  lists three different options for schools and organizations to serve food to children during the summer.  For more information on how to become a summer food stein contact Ruth Stein,

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