Thursday, April 26, 2012

Putting Ourselves in Someone Else's Shoes

I would like Congress to take 30 minutes or an hour of quiet and imagine having little or no access to food or health care or transportation, education, housing. If you don’t have access to what you need to live in dignity and if you don’t have access to the funds that enable you to live, it’s frightening. 

What we’re lacking is imagination to put ourselves in somebody else’s shoes. How many people have said to members of Congress, this is not right? We have a poverty of imagination. We have to act together in this. We have to act together in faith.    -Sister Margaret Mary Kimmins, OSF

(Sister Margaret Mary manages Bread for the World's relations with Catholic churches for the Church Relations Department. She recently discussed Catholic Social Teaching and its relation to the federal budget with Bread domestic policy analyst Amelia Kegan. Read more in A Nun and a Policy Analyst Discuss the House Proposed Budget and Catholic Social Teaching in the Bread blog).

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