Monday, April 16, 2012

A Blessing on the Wall of the Palomas Outreach Building in Palomas, Chihuahua

We ask your blessing O Lord on those of us who eat this Bread
Bless those who baked it
And those who won't be able to partake of it
And give us the opportunity to share it in the Heavenly Table.
We give you thanks, O Lord
For this Bread that nourishes us
Grant it as a great Blessing and give it
to the one who does not have it
We give you thanks O Lord, for 
making yourself present in this home.

"It is hard to read out loud without weeping. Not far from the wall it is painted on, there were many elderly sitting with dignity at tables and eating a simply meal they would not otherwise have had that day, not far from where this was painted on the wall," said Victoria Tester, U.S. coordinator for the Palomas Outreach. "There was a beautiful light falling among the tables and across their hands and faces. If I were a painter I would have painted it..."

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