Saturday, February 18, 2012

A Daily 3-Minute Retreat for Lent

In our fast-paced society, we hardly have time to stop for something as important as prayer during the Lenten season (and other times of the year).  And sometimes when we stop, the effort feels forced and empty.  We have to remember that our Creator is always present even when we are not.  

Loyola Press, a Jesuit ministry, invites us to incorporate 3-Minute Retreats to open up to the Creator's presence in our daily routine.  Right on our computer screens.  Or if you're sitting at the airport waiting for a connection or in a doctor's waiting room, you can get the retreats right on your mobile device.  Not only that, you can get your own desktop image, receive daily daily E-Mail Reminders, and get updates or share experiences via Facebook

Knowing that not everyone prays at the same pace, you have control over the pace of the retreat," says Loyola Press. After each screen, a Continue button will appear. Click it when you are ready to move on. If you are new to online prayer, the basic timing of the screens will guide you through the experience.

This by no means is a substitute for finding a longer time to slow down and spend time in a quiet conversation  with the Creator.  But our family, work and other demands (including that committee or parish meeting) do not go away, even during Lent.  So this provides a good complement.  As the exercise tells us,  "three minutes of  a day can give you 24 hours of peace."

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