Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Not One, but FIVE, Bread for the World Offering of Letters Videos

By now you've probably heard that there is something different about this year's Offering of Letters. Flexibility. 

But there is an important reason for this flexibility. While we are still working under the Circle of Protection umbrella (and our campaign is appropriately entitled Expanding Our Circle of Protection), this year we are offered the opportunity to focus on an area that we think is more important in our community or more relevant to our congregation.  More importantly, we have the chance to respond in a more timely manner to an issue that comes before Congress.

Here's what Bread for the World says:
Depending on how the work of Congress unfolds in 2012, churches or groups may want to conduct the overall campaign and/or one or more of the mini-campaigns. For example, when Congress’ budget process is in full swing, a congregation’s Offering of Letters might focus on poverty-focused foreign assistance within the budget debate—especially if the congregation’s district or state is represented on the appropriations committees.
There are four mini campaigns and one overall campaign.  I know, Bread is giving us more homework than we've had in the past.  We now have to decide,  

So you will also be faced with the all-important question: Which of these mini campaigns should I pick?  The answer might not be apparent right now.  That's why it would be great to have you at our Offering of Letters workshop on Sunday, March 18, in Albuquerque.  Stay tuned for more details.  In the meantime, here are links and videos for each of the campaigns. A sixth video for Spanish-language congregations is due out by the end of this week.

Circle of Protection Overall Campaign

Poverty Focused Foreign Assistance

Domestic Nutrition Assistance

Tax Credits for Low-Income Families

International Food Aid Programs

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