Saturday, January 21, 2012

Do You Provide Support to Food and Agricultural Entrepeneurs in New Mexico? Please Fill Out this Survey

Do you represent an organization, business, school, farm, agency, or program that works with food or agriculture in New Mexico? If so, we would greatly appreciate your help!

This quick survey is designed to gather and disseminate information about technical assistance, funding and other types of organizations that support food and agricultural entrepreneurs in New Mexico. The intention is to use this information, along with regional roundtables and workshops, to increase general awareness about the rich web of existing resources and to help facilitate partnerships and referrals between organizations.

This survey is being conducted by the New Mexico Finance for Food working committee, which is comprised of organizations and individuals from around the state working to address food systems issues.

This information will initially only be shared with the immediate groups involved in this project. However, we hope to use this information later on to help populate a searchable database that may be made public (we envision this being something like a scaled-down version of Local Harvest:  There will be a question at the end of the survey where you can request that your information and/or responses be kept confidential if you so choose.

If you have any questions, please contact Lora Roberts Logan, call 505-724-3619, o e-mail to


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