Sunday, December 11, 2011

Still Shopping? How about Books on Hunger and Poverty?

Perhaps you've joined the latest trend of reading books on Kindle or Nook or some other hand-held tablet. I'm not at that point yet.  I still prefer to hold an actual book in my hands and turn the pages.   

Here are three great books about hunger, and only Ending Hunger Now is readily available to read via a tablet, but one popular site gives you the option of "telling the publisher" that you'd like to read the two other books on Kindle.
These are only some recommendations.  Bread for the World's managing editor Molly Marsh posted a great list in the Bread blog in August 2010.  One of these books is on that list.  (You'll have to check out the list to see which book I'm talking about). The two other books are found in Bread's online Store. (Go to the home page and click on Store in the upper right hand corner).  

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