Monday, December 19, 2011

Happy 40th Birthday Network!

This past Saturday, December 17, the Catholic Social Justice Lobby Network celebrated its 40th birthday.  There are similarities with Bread for the World.  Both are faith-based organizations that were born in the 1970s.  They both organize the grassroots to advocate on social justice issues.  

And if I'm not mistaken, there was a time when you could reach the offices of the two organizations from the Rhode Island Ave. stop on the Red Line of the Washington Metro. 

Here is a note from Network:
On December 17th 1971, 47 Catholic Sisters from many orders and from all over the country gathered for a weekend meeting in Washington, DC, where they voted to create a “NETWORK” of Sisters who would live out the Gospel call to work for justice.

These sisters were united by a faith-filled vision: by taking action together to lobby our government, concerned citizens can end policies that keep people in poverty and develop new policies that instead create paths of opportunity.

NETWORK began as a powerful example of what we can achieve as a community of engaged people who care deeply about the common good. As NETWORK celebrates its 40th anniversary year, we know that we’ll need to stay strong as a community to meet the challenges of this special year.
Happy, Happy Birthday to a like-minded organization.  And as the saying goes after one sings Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday to You..   And Many More....

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