Thursday, November 24, 2011

Nourishment as a Gift

When we receive nourishment as a gift, our eating is transfigured from an act of consumption to an act of consecration. When we share God’s abundance with warm hospitality, a meal becomes a healing communion.

When we acknowledge the care, the cost and the hands that bring us this sustenance, sharing food becomes a radical act of redress, our resistance to the cynicism that takes life for granted.

When we give thanks, our gratitude inoculates us against the gloating entitlements of self righteousness. And when we are mindful of the Source and myriad connections that bring us to this table, our time together becomes a blessing, a taste of the Reign of Restoration right here, right now. AMEN, let it be so.

-Excerpts from Behold Thanksgiving by Joe Grant, StillPOINT blog

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