Sunday, September 18, 2011

My Two Favorite Lutheran Campus Pastors at UNM

On the 50th anniversary of Lutheran Campus Ministry (now Lutheran Episcopal Campus Ministry) at UNM, I want to show off my two favorite Lutheran campus pastors at the University of New Mexico.  (Actually, they are the only two Lutheran campus pastors I've known at UNM, but that's beside the fact.  Howard Corry and Anne Morawski have been great personal friends and also among the strongest supporters of Bread for the World in New Mexico). 

Howard, who retired from the post a few years ago, was my predecessor as volunteer coordinator for Bread in the First Congressional District.  He often organized Offerings of Letters among his students and occasionally offered Luther House as the site for our monthly meetings.  Anne, currently the campus pastor, helped us greatly with several of our major events, including our celebration of Bread's 30th anniversary celebration in September 2004.

Anne was one of 40-plus pastors in New Mexico who joined with thousands of clergy around the country in placing an advertisement in Politico this past summer. The ad, sponsored by Sojourners in conjunction with our joint Circle of Protection campaign, urged Congress and the administration to avoid potential cuts in domestic and international programs  that affect the most vulnerable members of our society.

We at Bread New Mexico are deeply grateful for our partnership with Lutheran Episcopal Campus Ministry and look forward to another 50 years (and more) of working together.

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