Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Words of Wisdom from the Late Sen. Mark Hatfield

"We all deserve a full life, not a life cut short by hunger and homelessness. I can't think of a more pernicious violence we face today on our body politic, nor a more just cause we should all work to correct."
- Senator Mark O. Hatfield, who died this past week at age 89

Sen. Hatfield, a moderate Republican from Oregon, was a member of the first Bread for the World board of directors.  Bread could often count on him to support our anti-hunger initiatives.

Here is a quote former Bread President Art Simon about Sen. Hatfield.
Our earliest board (like our boards ever since) included Catholics, evangelicals, and mainline Protestants. The first chair of our board was Eugene Carson Blake, one of the nation’s best known Protestant leaders at the time. He and others, such as Senator Mark Hatfield and Bishop Thomas J. Gumbleton, gave Bread immediate credibility, not to mention wise guidance.   Comment from Art Simon in a  Legacy of Hope newsletter in the Fall of 2008

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garydavis02 said...

any organization that helps feed the hungry,should also be mandated to add birth control medication to all foods fed to adults, so they don't continue to give birth to babies that will most likely die . its that simple . stop the births of babies until the region that is being helped can become stable and be able to feed themselves once again. this idea may sound cruel . but common sense says youy can not stop the cycle of starvation unbtil you can handle the amount of people you are trying to feed . one country is 3 years into a drought with no water or food and these people continue to have children that only live long enough to suffer and die . so lets think out side the box . and with the food and training that is being done with donations from across the world to these organizations . modern medicine has given us the ability to stop reproduction with a pill or added to the water . do this until the people that are being helped become stable and can support themselves once again