Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Cape Town Area Schools Seek to Improve Food Security with Sustainable Gardening

We often hear about efforts in the United States to reduce food insecurity by improving nutrition.  This is often done by promoting and supporting community gardens.

But this effort is not limited to the U.S.  The Christian Science Monitor recently published a great story about a program in the Cape Flat schools in Cape Town, South Africa, to promote sustainable gardens.

Here is an excerpt
South African non-profit organization School’s Environmental Education and Development (SEED) has established its Organic Classroom Programme in 21 Cape Flat schools. The project aims to improve food security in the Cape Flats by engaging students in environmental sustainability and teaching them how to practice permaculture – a holistic agriculture system that mimics relationships found in nature. SEED’s Organic Classroom Programme is a winner of the 2010 Sustainability Awards presented by Impumelelo – an independent awards program for social innovations in South Africa. 
Read more in article entitled Food Gardens at Cape Town area schools grow food and teach farming skills

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