Saturday, July 02, 2011

Fair Trade at the Farmers Market

Virginia Pitts
By Ellen Buelow
Last Saturday Virginia Pitts, Ann Doyle and I had a table at the Los Ranchos Farmers Market. Our location was in front of two musicians singing about Ireland. Their lively music kept folks coming right past us.

We were active evangelists for Fair Trade. One request was to sell Fair Trade coffee and tea when a new bookstore opened. Another was for a "Spirit Center" with a simple mandate to "do good".

I offered a starter kit. We netted about $90.00 (deducting our change and not deducting cost of product) 
Ann Doyle & Holy Rosary parishioner

Perhaps we'll try this venue again. We were there around 6:15 a.m.-- up at sunrise with the rest of the farmers and packed up around 10 a.m. We had requests for Fair Trade literature too. This was Social Justice in the Market Place!

(The author is a member of the Social Justice Committee at Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary Catholic Church and also a Bread for the World activist).

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