Friday, April 22, 2011

Agriculture: The Multiplier Effect

Some investments are better than others. Investment in agriculture is one of the best ways to reduce poverty because up to 70 percent of people living in extreme poverty are small-holder farmers--and most of them are women. Simple interventions can vastly improve crop yields and the environment--meaning that families can put food on the table, improve nutrition and nurture the natural resources their livelihoods depend on. 

If we can also connect farmers to markets, they can develop a source of income, send their kids to school and help lift their community out of poverty for the long-term. We call this the multiplier effect, because of it, millions of farmers are on the way to a brighter, mor sustainable future.

This chart below illustrates how it works (Click on the image to make it larger):

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This chart and accompanying text were produced through a collaboration of Good and The ONE Campaign.

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