Sunday, March 20, 2011

Seed Saving, Environmental Awareness and Biodiversity in Old Town

CelebrateSeedNM! 2011

On a sunny and mild March afternoon, representatives from organizations who care about native seeds, sustainability and biodiversity gathered in Old Town Plaza to set up displays.

This festival was a collaborative city-wide effort sponsored by the City of Albuquerque's Cultural Services Department and GardenersGuild.

There were speeches (including a presentation by New Mexico State University professor Connie Falk on the dangers of genetically modified organisms), an opportunity to exchange seeds, cultural performances (native flute, native dances), and a children's area with hands-on growing, reading and art activities.
And Bread for the World member Hank Bruce was on hand to promote the benefits of the moringa seed and the children's book that he and his wife Tomi Jill Folk wrote entitled The Miracle of the Moringa Tree. Miho Komatsu, who illustrated the book, was on hand at the booth with Hank.

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environmental training said...

This is a great move for your town since people are actively taking part of the activities to improve the environment's condition. I believe effective awareness training to people would get them to their feet and start moving. Hopefully many would find this admirable and act for the environment.