Thursday, March 31, 2011

On Baseball's Opening Day, We're Hoping for Lots of Called Third Strikes (or Swings and Misses)

My favorite baseball team, the Los Angeles Dodgers, are hosting the dreaded San Francisco Giants on the opening day of the season.  And we're hoping that opening day starter Clayton Kershaw strikes out a lot of opposing hitters.  Here's why.   Kershaw, announced yesterday  that he and his wife, Ellen, will donate $100 for every strikeout  during the 2011 season to Arise Africa, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping end poverty on the continent through health care, education, business and discipleship.

So if Kershaw strikes out 10 Giants today, there could be $1,000 going to the program.  (It's all democratic. A strikeout of Pablo Sandoval is worth the same as a strikeout of Buster Posey).  Go get them Clayton!

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BreadNewMexico said...

Update: Clayton Kershaw struck out nine Giants batters on Opening Day.