Sunday, March 06, 2011

Megan's Sabbath Year: A Great Blog

From "Jacqueline's Mariposas"
I recently discovered a wonderful blog from Megan Marsh, a fellow Bread for the World activist and board member from Colorado Springs.  Megan's Sabbath Year is filled with touching personal accounts about her faith journey, her work with Compassion International and the people she has met.

The March posts about her recent trip to El Salvador are especially touching.  She traveled to the Central American country with a delegation sponsored by Compassion International.

Here are a couple of examples.  In a post entitled  The Generosity Gap, Part Two  Megan writes:
We met the most amazing young man on the 2nd day of our trip. His name was Saul Garcia and he attended ES-720, Josue Child Development Center since he was six years old until he graduated from the program.

We first met Saul when he appeared to tell us about how the administration of Josue CDI is run. He showed us the files of some of the kiddos who go to the project. Some were over three inches thick! After touring the project, we got to go to Saul's house to meet his mother, hear his testimony and share a meal with them. His home was very clean and I feel it had a peace resting on it. Seven people lived in the house which was probably less than 400 square feet.
And here is how she describes her encounter with a eight-year-old Margarita, in The Cure for Invisibility, Part Two
One of the first things eight year-old Margarita did when she met me was pick her nose and put a booger in my hand as we held hands in a circle. I looked up at the sponsor, Brenna, who was holding her other hand and we grinned at each other. We both saw her do it. "Today is gonna be so awesome!" I thought.
These are just excerpts.  I urge you to read the posts completely to get the big picture.  And I also recommend that you read all her posts from El Salvador.  Your day will be "awesome" after you do.

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Thanks for sharing Megan's story with us.

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