Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Five-year Plan to Address Hunger in New Mexico

You might remember that the  New Mexico Collaboration to End Hunger recently held a series of consultations around the state to obtain feedback to develop a plan to address hunger and food insecurity in our state for 2011-2015.  As a result, participants came up with these four goals:

Goal 1: Increase food stamp participation (SNAP) by all eligible New Mexico residents to 80% by the end of 2015. This represents an 18% increase in eligible New Mexican receiving benefits from the current 66% (14% divided by 80%=18%)
Goal 2: Decrease the percent of food insecure children in New Mexico from the current rate of 24% to 15% by the end of 2015.  This represents a 38% decrease from 136,000 children to 84,600 children.
Goal 3: Decrease the percentage of food insecure seniors in New Mexico from 8.82% to 6% by the end of 2015.This represents a 33% decrease from 30,500 seniors to 20,750 seniors. 3/11/20115 2011-2015 Goals
Goal 4: Identify high impact community models in New Mexico to study and identify the effective elements to replicate in other New Mexico locations.

Here is the executive summary:

The Collaboration leveraged its successful efforts of the past four years by hosting six Community Meeting statewide in fall 2010 to gain input for this Plan. In addition to gaining input, the objectives of the meetings were to:

1)increase awareness of local hunger, 
2) increase understanding of the Collaboration, and 
3) engage local partners and other stakeholders in developing effective strategies to end hunger in their community and across New Mexico. 

The following Plan reflects the knowledge gained from these meetings and the experiences of the past four years of work to end hunger in New Mexico. The Partners listed in the Tactics of the Plan are not a complete list of organizations working to end hunger in New Mexico. It is just a beginning list and should be viewed as such.  (3/11/2011)

Here is the full plan (in PDF format)

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