Friday, January 28, 2011


(The Gospel Reading for Sunday is Matthew 5:1-12.  What if you took time to really listen to the Beatitudes in your heart in a very prayerful and reflective manner?  Steve Garnaas-Holmes shares his prayer with us).

Blessed are the poor in spirit,
         for theirs is the realm of heaven.

                  — Matthew 5.2
Blessed are those who are weak,
         for God’s infinite power is in them.
Blessed are the losers
         for they are receivers.
Blessed are those who do not believe,
         for God believes in them.
Blessed are the lives that are all messed up,
         for God is in them.
Blessed are those who appear worthless,
         for they are not.
Blessed are the ugly,
         for they will be called Beautiful.
Blessed are the wounded,
         for God’s miracles arise in them.
Blessed are those who are judged and condemned,
         for they are not judged or condemned.
Blessed are the gentle,
         for they have the power of God.
Blessed are you when you have nothing to say,
         for you are a love note from God.
Blessed are you when you fail,
         for God does not fail you,
         nor fail in you,
         but shines with glory and delight.
 -Steve Garnaas-Holmes

(Reprinted with permission of the author, who is a long-time Bread for the World member in New Hampshire.  Please visit his wonderful blog Unfolding Light, which  is a daily reflection rooted in a contemplative, Creation-centered spirituality, often inspired by his walks in the woods. In poems, parables, psalms, thoughts and the odd weather report he hopes to invite readers into a spirit of presence, compassion, justice and delight. Though these writings are rooted in the Christian story you’ll hear in them melodies of many traditions. Unfolding Light is for anyone who wants to be a part of God’s healing of the world.)

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