Saturday, December 11, 2010

A Global Recipe for Old-Fashioned Gold Cake with Chocolate Frosting

Too often we think locally and not globally with our consumer decisions. Fair Trade USA's blog offers us a very clever post using a cake recipe recognizing cooperatives in The Dominican Republic and Paraguay, which contributed (fair-trade certified) ingredients to the cake.

Click here to see the recipe and read about the Confederación Nacional de Cacaocultores Dominicanos, Inc., CONACADO, cocoa cooperatve in the Dominican Republic and Cañeros Orgánicos Asociados, CORA, (scroll down)  sugar cooperative in Paraguay.

According to Fair Trade USA, CONACADO used fair trade earnings to build a new school, repair an old school, and provide scholarships and school supplies for children in need. Read a Fair Trade USA report on CONACADO.

Merry Fair Trade Christmas!

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