Monday, November 22, 2010

Our Common Interest: Ending Hunger and Malnutrition

The other day a teacher from a local school mentioned to me that she wishes she could use the Bread for the World Institute reports as a textbook instead of her regular materials. That is a high compliment to the staff at the institute, which does a great job putting together a quality resource year after year.

Well, today we'd like to announce that Bread for the World Institute has released its 2011 Hunger Report, entitled Our Common Interest: Ending Hunger and Malnutrition.  The report goes hand in hand with our advocacy efforts in 2011, which will focus on foreign aid reform.  If you click on the title, you will enter a site that has a lot of neat tools, including interactive data, multimedia opportunities, a study guide and even a link to the full report. 

Here's what it's all about:
2011 is a time of opportunity to achieve lasting progress against global hunger and malnutrition. For the United States, it is a time of renewing our commitment to this objective and strengthening partnerships with countries that are eager to work together in this common interest. 
The dramatic surge in global hunger as a result of a spike in food prices in 2007-2008 galvanized support in both rich and poor countries for raising agricultural investments to the top of their development priorities. It also brought into focus the long-term consequences of hunger, especially for the youngest children. During the 1,000 days from conception to the second birthday, the consequences of malnutrition are irreversible.  Read full executive summary
And here is a video:

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