Friday, November 12, 2010

Leveraging Our Commitment (With Our Digits and a Couple of Seconds)

Sometimes we get a unique opportunity to leverage our commitment to Bread for the World.

A generous donor has promised to donate $1 to Bread for the World in support of our work to fight hunger and poverty for every person who signs a pledge renewing his or her commitment to address global hunger and poverty.

Won't you join me in making this pledge?  All it takes is a couple of clicks on your keyboard.

Also, I want to share this great appeal from Bread's Crista Friedli 
I recently had the opportunity to teach preschool students in the Eastern African village of Bagamoyo, Tanzania. I saw firsthand the challenges these preschoolers face every day.

Each morning I saw Amina come to school clutching her pencil so no one would take it. When she wanted to play, she gave it to me for safekeeping.  Amina was one of 40 children in a classroom where writing utensils were scarce.  The pencils were often cut or broken in half to accommodate more students.

But Amina and her classmates did receive lunch—a watered-down cornmeal porridge served by the neighborhood women. For some, it was their only meal of the day. 

Amina is not unique. Today, more than 600 million children in developing countries don’t get enough to eat.  
Will you join me and sign the pledge to help end hunger for kids like Amina? When you sign the pledge, a generous donor will donate $1 to Bread for the World in support of our work to fight hunger and poverty.

Here's what we know: we can end hunger and poverty. In Tanzania alone, 2 million more kids like Amina are in school. That’s a doubling of school enrollment since 2001.

Ending hunger is not a question of resources, but of political will. And in order to build the political will, we need to grow a strong movement of compassionate advocates—like you—to speak out on behalf of hungry and poor people everywhere.

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