Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Generosity Requires a Permit

"The police are claiming that feeding the homeless requires a permit and that that is why these men were arrested. Since when does kindness require a permit? Across all cultures worldwide, sharing a meal is one of the most basic examples of what makes a community."    
That is an excerpt from an open letter that Rene Ronquillo of Albuquerque wrote to Mayor Richard Berry regarding the city's treatment of the homeless and those try to help the homeless.   Her letter was in reference to the arrest of Alfonso Hernandez and Michael Herrick for distributing food to homeless people on Sunday morning.  Police cited Hernandez and Herrick for not having a business license.   Read report and watch video in KOAT-TV piece entittled Good Deeds Land Two Men in Jail

Read Rene's full letter in Rosie Chinea Shawver's Catholic in the City blog

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