Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Café Campesino introduces 'Fair Trade Wire' Blog

Café Campesino, an Americus, Ga-based company that sells fair-trade and organic coffee and yerba maté , recently introduced its new blog, called Fair Trade Wire. The blog, which is produced in partnership with Sweetwater Organic Coffees of Gainesville, Fla., takes a hard look at all the issues related to the fair trade process.
Here's a description.
Fair Trade Wire puts the concept of “Fair Trade” into context, working to explain what being a Fair Trade coffee company means.  We will report to you from coffee farms, roasting facilities, coffee houses and all places in between.  Our posts will be honest, heart-felt, and whenever possible-  Fun!
As an example, the latest piece posted on Sept. 12,  Small Coffee Producers Air Grievances to FLO, tells us how small coffee producers in Latin America are concerned that the fair-trade labeling process does not work in their favor.  There are also posts about a fair trade conference near Boston, coffee quality control, and much more.  There are videos, featurettes, and other useful information.  This is one of those blogs that is definitely worth bookmarking!

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