Thursday, June 17, 2010

Addressing Food Insecurity Among Youth in Santa Fe

By Christina Selby

Sometimes you can't go forward without the help of your village.

Help us make change in our village!

As a part of my village, I am asking for your help. Earth Care is working with our youth to make positive changes in Santa Fe.

Frustrated with high rates of child poverty, food insecurity, the growing threat of climate change and lack of meaningful opportunities for young people in Santa Fe, we decided to create a multi-faceted, multi-year Youth Food Corps Program as part of a broader scope of work to build a local food system that meets the needs of children and youth in our community and improves the environment.

Earth Care formed the Santa Fe Food Project Coalition and sought funding through the Corporation for National and Community Service's AmeriCorps Program.

We just recieved the announcement that we were awarded the AmeriCorps grant, but we need matching funds of $70,000. The good news is every $1 you donate leverages $2 from AmeriCorps - it's a 2:1 match.

Earth Care is asking for 2,800 people/families to donate $25 each (feel free to give more to help us reach our goal faster) to this campaign. It will take a village to make this happen, so please join me in making an impact here locally by helping our area food producers, by supporting our schools, by creating jobs for young people, by improving our environment, by supporting our youth and helping those most in need in our village. We can't do this without the help of the Santa Fe Community. Please join us today!

Forward this to at least 10 friends; we want to reach 2,800 people by the end of July! You can donate online via the Earth Care web site, or mail your contribution to Earth Care, 1235 Siler Road, Suite D, Santa Fe, NM 87507.

(The author is executive director and co founder of Earth Care.  She is also school programs director for the organization)

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