Sunday, June 06, 2010

Seeds AND Food

Those of you who are growing a garden this summer, raise your hands.  Yup.  I thought so.  I have a garden too.  This is very much a summer activity, even here in the  high desert.  My garden (tomatoes, chile peppers, oregano, basil) is doing rather well despite the 100-degree temperatures that we've experienced this week.   But this post is not about my garden.   This post is about gardens and fighting hunger.

The New Mexico Collaboration to End Hunger's Intergenerational Summer Food Program has formed a partnership with The Dinner Garden, an organization that provides vegetable seeds and helpful information to organizations and individuals nationwide to help them start their own gardens.  (The above photo is from the Dinner Garden Web site).  

"The founder wanted to provide longer-lasting and more empowering solution than simply handing over a bag of groceries to help feed others," said the Collaboration's manager Sarah Newman. 

Dinner Garden was profiled in the recent issue of Red Book Magazine.  Read article

As I blogged earlier, the Collaboration provides summer meals for children in New Mexico.  This year, about 7,500 children in New Mexico will benefit from this program this summer.

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