Saturday, May 01, 2010

Plant Your Garden and Help a Wonderful Community Organization

It’s that time of year again – Spring planting!

Support East Central Ministries' many wonderful community and youth programs for the La Mesa and Trumball neighborhoods by buying ollas and greenhouse plants from them. For sale are ollas for watering and 23 varieties of tomatoes, grapes, blackberry, elderberry, etc.

An olla is a handmade terracotta pot used as an ancient drip irrigation for gardening.  It dramatically decreases the number of waterings and amount of water needed, as it provides water directly to the roots.  We have used two in our herb, tomato & chile garden every year. This year we added a third.  To read up on ollas, go to their website click on “Urban Farm” on the left side of the website, then “ollas.”

You can order plants and/or ollas on-line or else drop by ECM, located at 123 Vermont NE (general hours are 9am – 5pm) – you may want to call 266-3590 first to confirm they’re open.  You can also order online.  Here is their catalogue

Some businesses also carry ECM’s plants and/or ollas, including “Plants of the Southwest,” Osuna Nursery, Jericho Nursery, Rehm's Nursery, and two Whole Foods stores: (1) Academy and 2) Carlisle/Indian School.  Every penny goes into ECM’s community development work.  (Pictured at left is the East Central Ministries booth at the Earth Day Celebration on April 25)

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