Monday, May 03, 2010

Education and the World Cup (Two Videos)

My favorite event occurs every four years: The World Cup.  I grew up watching fútbol (you really use your foot primarily as opposed to what we call "football" in the U.S. where the foot only plays a minor role.  But that's another discussion).  And as of this posting, there are 39 days to go!

Anyway, there is something very special about the World Cup this year.  For the first time ever, the game will be played on African soil.  And it looks like South Africa has prepared very well.   

The second reason why this year is special is because the event is because there is a big effort to link the global publicity surrounding the World Cup to bring attention to education and the second of the Millennium Development Goals--achieving universal primary education.  Check out the 1Goal campaign and sign the 1Goal pledge. Below is a great video featuring a song from the rock band Coldplay.

And back to the World Cup.  Check out the official song for the 2010 World Cup: Waka Waka   The song is performed by the popular Colombian singer Shakira and produced by South Africa's Freshlyground.  (It is interesting to have a Latin American sing a song that has a distinctly African feel about it).

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