Friday, May 07, 2010

CARE: Honor your Mother and Empower Another

CARE, a humanitarian organization fighting global poverty, invites you to celebrate Mother's Day by posting a photo and a message on its Wall of Mothers.
Every minute, a mother dies from complications during pregnancy or childbirth. In fact, in many countries where CARE works, a girl is more likely to die in pregnancy than to finish secondary school.

Together, we can change this tragic situation. CARE's programs are designed to reduce maternal mortality by improving access to quality health care during pregnancy, safe delivery services and post-partum care for millions of women in the developing world.

Join us this Mother's Day in honoring women around the world — and important women in your life — by posting a picture on our Wall of Mothers.

After you post your picture, you can send an e-card featuring the photo you upload to your mom, friends and other powerful women you know. It's a fun way to stand in solidarity with mothers and families and spread the word about CARE's work to save the lives of mothers.

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