Saturday, April 03, 2010

"Wise Protest is Prayer Turned into Radical Action"

The lastet JustFaith Ministries newsletter had a link to a great piece by Marilyn Chandler McEntyre, entitled When No is Yes.  The piece was published in Weavings: A Journal of Christian Spiritual Life

Says JustFaith: Marilyn shows how essential is the connection "between the 'no' that resists greed, injustice, and carelessness and the 'yes' that extends an embrace to those with whom we share our lives, the earth's resources, and God's love."  She gives seven characteristics of the "no" that is "holy" and serves life and love.

Here is an Excerpt from Ms Chandler McEntyre's article: 
It is easy to forget that “protest” means to speak for, or testify on behalf of—not to speak against. Usage has shifted its meaning toward the latter, perhaps because speaking for often requires speaking against. If we are to speak for the poor, we must speak against those who exploit them. If we are to speak for stewardship of land and water, we must speak against abusive industrial practices. If we are to speak for a gospel understanding of community, we must speak against much that has become normal in our “mass culture.”

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