Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Legislative Alert on Food Tax

Think New Mexico sent out the Following Legislative alert on the proposed food tax.
When last we left the New Mexico Legislature, the Senate had passed a bill that would have taxed not only tortillas but more than half the food sold in New Mexico - including chile powder, Spanish rice, spaghetti and spaghetti sauce, potatoes, yogurt, honey, nuts, soup, and all other foods not included on the WIC list (a list that is so specific that, for example, a 64-ounce container of fruit juice would not be taxed, while a 32-ounce container of the same juice would be taxed).

Thanks to the thousands of emails and letters that New Mexicans, like you, sent in to legislators asking them to oppose the food tax, the House unanimously killed that bill in its first committee.

Now, Monday's Albuquerque Journal reports that, after secret closed door budget negotiations, legislative leaders have developed a budget plan that would have New Mexico's cities reimpose taxes on all food items - no exceptions - which they will seek to enact during the special legislative session that begins today.

Please contact your legislators and the Governor and ask them to oppose this new effort to tax New Mexicans' food. Remind them that there are far more sensible alternatives to addressing the budget deficit than reimposing the food tax.

Thank you again for your help! 
Fred, Kristina, Jason, and Lynne
Think New Mexico

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