Monday, March 08, 2010

Congratulations Jeff Bridges!

Our warmest congratulations to Jeff Bridges for winning the Best Male Lead  Oscar for his role in the movie Crazy Heart (which by the way was filmed in New Mexico).

A lot will be written about Jeff Bridges' skill as an actor and his great performance in the movie.  But I want to talk about his other passion. He and his brother Beau are strong advocates of ending childhood hunger and poverty in general in our country.  As a vehicle to channel that passion, Jeff created The End Hunger Network

Here's a blurb from its website:
Founded by actor Jeff Bridges in 1983, the End Hunger Network works with the entertainment industry and other partners to create and support media projects, programs and events to raise awareness and generate action to end U.S. child hunger.
And Jeff and Beau played a large role in the widely acclaimed movie Hidden in America, which addressed the problems of hidden poverty in our country.  Beau was the lead actor, and Jeff helped produce it through his company Asis Productions. Read comments from then Agriculture Secretary Dan Glickman at Washington Premiere of the movie.

And how many of us can say we have actually participated in Bread for the World's  Lobby Day with an Academy Award winner! Actually, he hadn't yet won an Oscar when he and Beau accompanied us on a visit to then Rep. Joe Skeen's office in 1997.   (In fact, Jeff and Beau joined us for a part of our National Gathering that year).

Why Rep. Skeen?  At that time he held a very important position in Congress, as chair of the subcommittee of the House Appropriations Committee that dealt with agricultural expenditures.  That subcommittee had a large say on how money was allocated for nutrition programs.

What do I remember from that visit with Rep. Skeen? Actually not much.  Except that the congressman at the last minute shuffled his schedule around just so he could meet with us. Originally, we were scheduled to meet with a low-level aide.

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