Saturday, October 24, 2009

Opening the Door to Hunger (New Video from Roadrunner Food Bank)

Roadrunner Food Bank's newest video, Opening The Door To Hunger, tells the story of hunger in New Mexico from the point of view of those who are experiencing hunger and those who try to feed the hungry.  Poignant interviews with New Mexicans affected by hunger are featured throughout this film.

See how hunger affects real people in our state and find out what Roadrunner Food Bank is doing about it.
It's God first, then it's people, and then it's yourself, that's where we fall at the bottom of the totem pole.  We got to take care of others first before ourselves.

We have a woman who has been coming  [to Martineztown Mobille Food Pantry Site] since the first one who has a daughter who goes to the little school up there   The daughter gets out a noon, and  so the woman and her daughter are usually in line by 12:30.  And the food starts at 1:30 And this time her husband was with her.  So I said, " It's good to meet your husband."  And she said "Oh he was just laid off today and that's why he's able to attend."  And that broke my heart because he was their only source of income at that time.

They have that thing called the baking powder breakfast which is you lift your finger, stick in baking powder and stick in your mouth...and it makes you feel like you ate something.  So, that's how you combat hunger, but that's not the right way. 

You're stuck between a system that wants to look at what they think you're worth and what you really have. When my husband broke his back, we went from $70,000 a year to $659 a month

We don't put ourselves in a position most of the time where we see need like this. The first month we had 109 families, and at the very end we had the stuff that nobody really wanted.  We had the tripe and all of the ends and pieces  And this girl came flying up and asked Am I too late? And I said, No.  We  have this.  I'm sorry this all we have.  And  she very happily took the tripe and all the ends and pieces and had tears in her eyes. She said thank you very much.  You just don't understand how much this is going to help  That's stuff that most people wouldn't eat, and she's crying over it.

And to me this box is like a blessing.  I feel like a millionaire.  Like I'm in front of a banquet.  It helps.  It helps a lot.

It's the United States? Why do we have hungry people?

Yes, I'm angry because we live in a place where it should be plentiful, but it isn't.
These are just a few examples of the very touching quotes in the video.  I recommend that you view it yourself. Click here to see the video, which is available in low bandwith and high bandwith (higher quality).   You will be able to see via Windows Media Player or a similar media system on your computer.  The high-resolution version might take about 7 minutes to load.

The link will also take you to three other videos that Roadrunner Food Bank made about hunger in New Mexico.  They are entitled Hunger ExistsThe Faces of Hunger in New Mexico, and A Bite of Chocolate

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blue shield california said...

The videos were so touching, I got tears in my eyes! And the story about the girl who got tears in her eyes was amazing. I know I will throw away a piece of semi-burned toast, or half a glass of juice I don't want anymore. It is nuts to think how much we take for granted every day.