Sunday, October 04, 2009

Albuquerque CROP Walk has its own Website

We walk because they walk.  

That has been a common motivation of people around the country who participate in Crop Walks sponsored by Church World Service.  People of faith participate in this annual event in many parts of the country to show solidarity with folks who have to walk for miles to fetch water from a river or a well or obtain other basic necessities of life because they have no transportation other than their two feet.

Churches and people of faith in Albuquerque have sponsored this event here during October for as long as I can remember.  The walk raises money for the CWS efforts related to international relief and development.  A portion of the money stays in local communities to address hunger needs.  In the past, agencies like The Storehouse have received money from the Albuquerque walks.

New This Year

But there are two things that are different about our local walk this year, which will take place on Sunday, October 18, at 1:30 p.m.

First, there is a new host Congregation, St. Stephen's United Methodist Church, in the Northeast Heights.  For years, the event was held at Central United Methodist Church before it was moved to St. Paul Lutheran Church last year. Both of those locations are in the vicinity of the University of New Mexico, so the walk was visible to people who happened to be near UNM on that particular Sunday.  This year, the walk will be up near Juan Tabo and Montgomery. 

Secondly, the event has its own website, thanks to George Huggins, coordinator of this year's walk.  George is a member of New Life Presbyterian Church. The website gives you easy instructions on how to obtain an envelope or participate.  You also have a link to the site that Church World Service created for this walk.  There is also a listing of the members of the organizing committee. And if you're interested, the site gives you some historic information, listing previous walks in Albuquerque.  

There is also a link to other CROP Walks around the country.  By the way, the following communities in New Mexico will also hold or have held a walk this year: Carlsbad (Nov. 7) Farmington (Nov. 7),  Gallup (Oct. 25), Hobbs (Oct. 24), Las Cruces (Nov. 15), Las Vegas (Oct. 17), Los Alamos (Nov. 22), Roosevelt & Curry Counties (Oct. 4), Santa Fe (Oct. 11).

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