Monday, August 31, 2009

Thinking about Christmas Cards in August

Summer is just about winding down. And it's time to think about (gasp!) Christmas cards?

Well, one Christmas card. And it's no ordinary Christmas card. A few weeks ago, Bread for the World gave members the opportunity to choose among several images. The winner would be used for this year's Christmas card.

About 1,000 voters participated in the process, and 52 percent of respondents (including yours truly) cast their ballots for the picture displayed above for Bread for the World's 2009 Christmas card . This is a very powerful image portraying three women carrying water in Jaiselmer, India, near the Pakistan border.

I had gotten out of the habit of sending Christmas cards en masse the past several years. But I'm rethinking that practice. I want to share this beautiful image, along with the Christmas message of God's love through the birth of Christ, with many of my friends and relatives.

The 2009 Christmas card and two other designs will be available for purchase in October at Bread for the World's online store.

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