Saturday, September 19, 2009

Hide Dollars in Weird Places...Give Flowers to Strangers (Another World is Possible)

Shane Claiborne and The Simple Way Community take us on a jouney through our world of economic extremes, from the poverty of Philly’s inner city to the clamor of Wall Street. Begining in an abandoned house, they drive us through the industrial wasteland of Kensington, and they invite us to the New York Stock Exchange for the infamous Jubliee Money Drop.

This video, an excerpt of Volume II - "Poverty,"  is an inspirational account of how $10,000.00 from the stock market is given to homeless folks from New York City on the steps of Wall Street.  There are two other themes that Shane Claiborne and The Simple Way community have created. Volume I deals with the theme of War and Volume III with the them of Creation. For more information visit the website for Another World is Possible,

(Shane Claiborne was one of the featured speakers in the Emerging Church Conference in Albuquerque in April of 2009)

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