Friday, May 08, 2009

Stories Below the Radar

Tom McDermott of Santa Fe, a member of Bread for the World who has twice has spoken at our Offering of Letters workshops, has started his own blog. The purpose of the blog, called Tom's Page, is to look at stories “below the radar”

As Tom puts it, these are stories "unlikely to make headlines, but which are nonetheless interesting – at least - to me."

For those of you who came to our workshops, you probably know a little bit about Tom. He was in the Peace Corps in India, and then worked for the UN in Bangladesh, Nigeria, Ghana, Indonesia, Thailand, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, India, Pakistan, and Bosnia.

Plus, he served as Special Representative to the Countries of former Yugoslavia during the wars in Bosnia, Croatia, and Kosovo. And after that, he became UNICEF's Director of Personnel and then the agency's Regional Director for the Middle East and North Africa.

Tom currently serves on the boards of New Mexico State University's International Institute and the Santa Fe Council on International Relations.

I can't think of anyone with better qualifications to write this blog. Please do take time to visit it. Tom brings up some very interesting topics.

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