Saturday, March 31, 2007

La Mesa Presbyterian Church holds first Offering of Letters of 2007

La Mesa Presbyterian Church, Albuquerque, has the distinction of holding the very first Offering of Letters in New Mexico in 2007. The initial count from the Offering of Letters, held on Sunday, March 25, indicates that church members wrote about 72 letters. Congratulations to Roxanne Bradley & Mary McLean (pictured above) who played a key role in ensuring a successful letter-writing Sunday.

(Incidentally, our regional organizer Matt Newell Ching presented the Minute for Mission at the service that Sunday).

Two other churches have scheduled Offerings of Letters for this year: Aquinas Newman Center on April 28-29 and Trinity United Methodist Church on April 29 (with dedication on May 6).

We encourage other churches in New Mexico to please schedule your Offering of Letters as soon as possible. And please drop a note to Carlos Navarro so we can post the date for your church
in this page on our website. We will keep a running total of letters. So after you have completed your letter-writing Sunday (or Saturday-Sunday), please drop us a note with the total number of letters and a breakdown of legislators to whom the letters were written.

La Mesa church member writes a letter

Sample Letter

Sunday, March 25

Senator Pete Domenici (Jeff Bingaman)
U.S. Senate

Washington, D.C. 20510

Rep. Heather Wilson (Tom Udall, Steve Pearce)
U.S. House of Represnatatives
Washington, D.C., 20515

Dear Sen. Bingaman
(or Sen. Domenici, or Rep. Wilson, Udall or Pearce)

Please support Bread for the World's approach to broad reform of the U.S. farm bill, which is important to progress against hunger and poverty in our country and around the world.

Our current farm policy provides large payments to some farmers but does little to help most farmers and other rural families of modest means. I ask you to improve the farm bill to provide better and broader support for U.S. farmers, strengthen communities in rural America, help hungry people in this country, and support the efforts of farmers in developing countries to sell their crops and feed their families.

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