Thursday, July 20, 2006

Join ONEAlbuquerque Yahoo Group

Blogs, Yahoo Groups, Text Messaging...They're "The In" Thing for communications these days. (How soon before they're obsolete?)

OK, so you're reading this message on Bread for the World-New Mexico's blog. People use blogs for different things. I use this blog mainly to post local Bread for the World announcements and discuss current events/issues related to hunger and poverty, including The ONE Campaign. I more than welcome comments on any of the posts, but I'm the only one who is able to post. (I do welcome and solicit contributions from others on topics related to hunger and poverty).

My news today is that Laura Casselman, our estwhile and extremely motivated DATA (Debt Aids Trade Africa) volunteer and "mover-in-chief" behind The ONE Campaign in Albuquerque, has created the ONEAlbuquerque Yahoo Group. [Laura is pictured above with Bro. Jim Brown of Santa Fe at The ONE Campaign booth for Peace Day in February 2006].

This is one of many ONE Yahoo Groups that have been created around the country, with the support of The ONE Campaign. Click here to see the partial list. OK, The ONE Campaign has been slow in adding us to the list. But as of this morning (July 20), we already had 11 members joining the group.

How does it work? Well, after you join the group, you will be able to post messages related to The ONE Campaign or comment on messages that have already been posted. Laura will also be using the Group to post announcements. And unlike the BFW-New Mexico blog, anyone who joins the group will be able to initiate discussion on any topic related to The ONE Campaign and Make Poverty History.

To join simply click here

We hope this group will enhance our local communications and discussions related to The ONE Campaign.


Anonymous said...

Yeah--unfortunately that Olathe group seems to be inactive. We can't contact anyone from it, so we think we're actually the only ones. Thanks for the heads up though! It's fun to connect with you from across the country!

tony said...

This seems to be a good idea and I hope it will be of great help for those in need. I’ll try to join.